ONLINE Tutors in birmingham

We work with you and your child to unlock their full learning potential.

Online tuition is designed to supplement homeschooling or  busy parents.  The tuition takes place in the comfort of your own home or at convenient location to you online.  All you need is a quite room, a computer and wifi connection.  

Facebook Community Group

We provide a supportive community for our members of Potential Unlocked Tuition to ask questions and have them answered.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

We understand how difficult it can be to home school children permanently or at this unprecedented time.  

In either case, we provide a ‘safe space’ to be a sounding board, an accountability group or even a place to ask questions pertaining to current methods teachers use to teach children at school.  Our motto: ‘there is no such thing as a silly question’. 



If you need a tutor look no further.  This company is outstanding!!

I know this because my son has achieved immensely with ‘Potential Unlocked Tuition’  Not only did David C. Hall teach my son for his 11+ (grammar exams) but he installed principles and life skills in my son that helped him to believe in himself.

I am grateful for your hard work as you have given my son a great start!! Thank you.t

Jacqui Amos - Parent of Tutee


Some of our tutors are qualified, while others are very experienced.  In either case, we only employ team members who are passionate about unlocking potential in children.

Every world champion athlete have a Sports Coach.  The role of the Sports Coach is to identify limiting thoughts, habits, nutrition and other factors that would slow down the performance of the athlete.  

Every child/young person needs a tutor to support your child/young person, to break free of their glass ceiling into their success.

Primary Tuition

For Primary Tuition, our membership fees are £140.00 per month. This includes one hour of English and followed by Maths each week.

Secondary Tuition

For Secondary Tuition, our membership fees are £210.00 per month.  This includes one hour of English, Maths and Science each week.


We offer a few places each year, where we sponsor children for one academic year.  If you wish to have a scholarship, please contact us for more information.

Every child has a unique learning flow.  We work with you and your child to maximise their learning potential.

Every child has potential, irrespective of their learning disposition, it is our job to facilitate the unlocking of their potential in a stimulating, nurturing and supportive learning environment.  

We always recommend enrolling children onto our 11-plus programme the end of Yr 3 or beginning of Yr 4. 

This is to give your child enough time to master new skills.  The skills taught on our programme aren’t necessarily included in Key Stage 2.  We therefore, consolidate their knowledge to put your child in good stead to pass their 11-plus exams.

Our tuition programmes are delivered in small groups of four children to one tutor. 

We have found small group tuition works really well.  We can give your child the time and attention needed to build confidence, mastery of key skills and improvements in their grades.



Our sessions are delivered  5 to 11 years in small groups of four children to one tutor.   

We empower your child to develop their core skills in English and Maths, to break free of their glass ceiling!  If your child is struggling with their schoolwork, we will empower them to over their learning barrier to improve at School.  If your child is in top sets, we will teach them knowledge and skills to reach their full learning potential so they remain in top sets. 


Our sessions are delivered  to 11 to 16 years in small groups of four children to one tutor in our combo secondary package – English, Maths & Science.

Secondary Tuition builds on the skills acquired in Primary Tuition.  We ensure the basic building blocks are secure before building on more advanced concepts that will put your child in good stead to pass their examples.

We keep your child to account as they set and achieve their academic learning goals.


We believe every child should be recognised for their hard work.  In fact, at Potential Unlocked Tuition, we award one of our students each month with a trophy for their efforts.

Meet Mustafa, who since joining Potential Unlocked Tuition moved up to Set 2 in Science within 6 months and achieved his school target of Grade 6 (former B) one year early.


With our FREE GUIDE, you discover 5 KEY ways to support your child to from struggling at school to feeling in control, confident & happy learners.

  • The importance of creating an empowering home environment.
  • The importance of establishing routines with your child.
  • How to work with the school unlock your child;s potential
  • How to support your child to have a fulfilling career in adulthood
  • How tuition can empower your children to make fast progress

Your success is our Success

Academic year September 2018 to August 2019 we celebrated a whopping 83% pass rate for our Year 6 SATs students, compared with National Average of 65% who attained ‘expected standard’  Whilst 90% of our GCSE students passed with Grade 4 and above compared to 61% of National Average.

We believe every child should be celebrated and have a sense of recognition.

The Awards evening was hosted by BBC Midlands Today Nicola Beckford.