Are your children struggling with their schoolwork and not achieving the grades they deserve?

Or maybe your children are achieving reasonable grades, but could do so much better?  But don’t know how they can achieve their full learning potential?

Perhaps you’re satisfied with your children’s grades, but want more support with navigating the educational maze?

Whatever the issue, your children haven’t reached their full learning potential.   This could be holding them back from not only achieving the career prospects they deserve, but to be happy and confident learners.

What You Need

Your children are a precious gift, who deserve the best possible start in life.  We want your children to not only be happy and confident learners, but we want your children to truly achieve the grades they deserve!  To discover their gifts, talents and to have a career that is aligned to their gifts and talents.  Your children deserve the very best.  We are passionate about unlocking potential in children just like yours.

That’s where we come in.

If you’re looking for a tuition centre in Birmingham that not only connects with your children but have a proven track record of unlocking the learning potential of children just like yours, then you’re in the right place. 

How We Can Help You

There are three main ways you can work with us.

  • Online Small Group Tuition – are delivered by Birmingham Tutors who are passionate about unlocking potential in children just like yours. 
  • We understand life can be very busy, particularly if you have a demanding job/business as well as other commitments.   With you and your child at the centre of all we do, we have created an online tuition facility that will fit around your life.  Giving you a new found freedom, whilst unlocking the potential in your children. 
  • Face to Face Small Group Tuition– are delivered by Tutors in Birmingham at Potential Unlocked Tuition Centre.  
  • Whichever delivery you choose, we work in small groups of 4 children to one tutor.  This is to ensure you child get the maximum support they deserve, so we can maximise the potential unlocked.
  • Unlocking Potential Coach – Exam success and success in general is always governed by a conducive mindset.  We work with children just like yours to give them the framework and tools needed to be successful.  We use the Unlocking Potential System take your children from a place of underachievement to a place of success.

"I would like to express my gratitude for all the efforts and support that my daughter received in preparation for her 11+ examinations for Grammar School and entrance exams for a well known Secondary School. David and the tutors at Potential Unlocked Tuition was truly outstanding. My daughter enjoyed it very much and looked forward to the sessions. She was able to perform well on her exams with confidence so all that's left now is for a her to get a place in a good school. This was purely down to the extra support and professionalism of her tutoring. My son also had some sessions to help with his speech and language. The level of support he received was amazing and we saw a huge difference in a short space of time and his progress was phenomenal. This shows that David and his team are willing to support and work with children at all levels and background. Thank you and your team very much for helping my daughter and son achieve their potential. I would not hesitate to recommend you or use your services again in the near future. I wish you every success for the future."

Annie Patrick


Primary Tuition

Your child is given homework, but you don’t feel equipped to fully support your child with their homework.

There is nothing more frustrating when your child has asked you for help with their homework.  You gladly help your child and teach them the way you were taught at school, then to find they are taught a complete different method.

We are able to teach you the methods your children are taught in school, so your time helping your children with their homework is rewarding experience.

Your child is going ok at school or massively underachieving.

There is nothing worst to leave it to your child’s school teacher in hope things will eventually get better.  Sadly, nothing will ever get better until you change your approach.

At Potential Unlocked Tuition, we have supported countless children who were once struggling and/or underachieving.   We have a proven system to take you and your child from a place of struggle to a place of success.

Concentration is one the ingredients that helps all children to unlock their learning potential.  Unfortunately, children who are unable to concentrate in class are likely to underachieve over time.  This is likely to have an impact on their confidence.

Like an iceberg, only the tip is visible!  The main thrush of the iceberg is invisible.  Just like an iceberg, there are number of factors which can influence your child’s ability to concentrate in class.

At Potential Unlocked Tuition, we will work with you and your child to identify the factor(s) that will increase your child’s ability to concentrate in class.  You will then begin to see improvements in your child’s attainments.

Secondary Tuition

It’s every parent’s dream to given their the children the very best start in life.  Though for majority of parents, this is not possible due not knowing how to support your children through their school career.

It is documented that one of the factors that governs underachievement are parents who do not actively support their children.  Are you tired of going around in circles?  Are you tired of going through the educational maze and not knowing the best way out?

At Potential Unlocked Tuition, we know the common pitfalls.  We give you the framework to navigate the educational  maze.  This will leave you feeling more in control and empowered to ask the right questions to get the best possible support for your children.

It is very common for young people to become overwhelmed with preparing for their exams.

Alot of young people leave it until the very last minute to revise for their exams, then to find they have forgotten the content for their exams.  This commonly leads to despondency and/or exam anxiety.

At Potential Unlocked Tuition, we have a proven system help young people learn effective revision strategies that have seen young people improve by two grades within two terms.  This will leave children, feeling empowered, in control and positive about achieving the grades they deserve.

For some, Parents’ Evening is an opportunity to hear the great achievements of your children for others, they hear the dreaded ‘your son/daughter’ could do better!

We all want the best for our children, but too often we don’t always know how your son/daughter can improve.

Over the years at Potential Unlocked Tuition, we have seem the main themes that contribute towards underachievement.  We will work with you and our children to identify the factors that are holding your child back to either meet or exceed their school targets.

Online Tuition

We understand the demands of balancing life alongside supporting your children to reach their full potential, at best can be challenging.

At Potential Unlocked Tuition, we provide online tuition packages to fit around your busy schedule.  All you need is a internet connection and an electronic device i.e. Desktop Computer, Laptop or Tablet.  

At the forefront of all we all, we ensure your child’s progress is consistent.

Your child will have the same tutor each week with the same class to ensure your child is able to build report with their tutor and class mates.

We use Triad Partnership Model to maximise the potential unlocked in children.  We have found our approach raises their confident levels which in turn raises their academic achievements.

About Potential Unlocked Tuition

Potential Unlocked Tuition was founded in April 2017.  Since then, we have worked with children and parents just like you to unlocked their potential.

Our mission at Potential Unlocked Tuition, is to empower children (5 to 16 years) through tuition to achieve three KEY outcomes:

1) Become happy & confident learners.

2) Achieve or exceed their school targets.

3) Pursue and achieve a career aligned to their gifts, talents and passions.

We believe children deserves a good start in life that will in turn build a better society.  We are a Tuition Centre in Birmingham that truly cares for each child who are on roll.  It is our passion to see your children flourish not only academically but also socially.   To one day have a career, they too can be passionate about whilst making a positive contribution in their retrospective sphere of influence.

Our results speak for themselves.  It is very common for our students to achieve outstanding results academically.  In fact, school year September 2018 to July 2019 we celebrated 83% of our Yr 6 SATs students passed -compared with National Average of 65%.   90% pass rate for our GCSEs students compared with National Average of 67.1% of passes grade 4/C or above.


Our team at Potential Unlocked Tuition are committed to you and your child to see your child flourish reaching their full learning potential fulfilling their own purpose.  

More About David C. Hall

Hi, my name is David C. Hall, aka Potential Unlocked Guy.  I help people to learn seamlessly through our proven system.  I have served as a learning coach to children, young people, child related practitioners, leaders in education and business leaders.

After a childhood special educational needs ‘dyslexia’ that left me an ‘underachiever’ (four years behind my peers) I created a proven system that significantly improved my academic performance and empowered me to achieve 5 grades about my original attainments.  I have dedicated my life and my work to unlock potential in people to discover their newfound potential, improved academic performance, greater contentment and a sense of purpose.

I am best-selling author of The Empowering Parent.  A book designed to give parents and child related practitioners cutting edge strategies that will unlock potential in children and young people.  To not only achieve the grades they deserve, but to have a career they can be proud of whilst making a difference.

My burning passion and vocation is to coach other to unlock their potential and live a life that is aligned to their gifts and talents. I will reveal to you the strategies and tools needed that will leave you feeling empowered, enriched, retain information, read faster and build a career that you were purposed to do.

As your coach, I will show you my possibility thinking blueprint that will empower you to attain goals that you once thought were impossible.  I will share cutting edge strategies that will raise your academic or professional performance.


Best Selling Author

If you want to help your child to succeed in education, but don’t know how to partner with them to unlock their potential, this book will provide practical strategies and a blueprint to follow.

Read this book and learn how to:

  •  Discover how an empowering parent will raise happy and confident children.
  • Tap into your child’s learning potential to meet or exceed their school targets.
  • Unlock your child’s talents to create a future career they can be passionate about.

Are we right for you?

Who we work with

  • Is struggling with focus and concentration
  • Is getting poor grades
  • Doesn't understand the curriculum
  • Has no routine in place
  • Crams things in at the last minute
  • Is dyslexic or has ADHD
  • Is suffering from general behavioural problems

Who we don't work with

  • Think that tuition will result in a miracle with their child
  • Aren't prepared to implement the ideas and advice shared by your tutor
  • Aren't willing to support their child to grow and develop to be the best they can be

Ready to get the ball rolling?


The service gave my child knowledge and experience to prepare for the 11+ exam. Parents are listened to and contribute to the individual plan for their child.  Parents are kept up to date and receive regular feedback. My child loves attending PU and I see the academic progress In my child’s development.

Tammy - Parent