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Why choose Potential Unlocked Tuition?

David C. Hall at the tender age of 3 was diagnosed with dyslexia.  During the 1980s most children with dyslexia were statemented.  Compared to his peers he made very little progress, which significantly impacted his confidence.  David’s class consisted of eight children, one lead teacher and teaching assistant.  David recalls struggling with his school work; and would regularly become frustrated.   Little did David know; this would forge strong character traits of resilience.

In Year 6, David achieved level 2b in his SATs.  If you know anything about SATs, David was underachieving by 4 school years in relation to his peers.


David C. Hall

With supportive parents and intrinsic motivation to succeed, David developed a routine, strong work ethic and confidence to set and achieve goals.  This paved the way to academic success to leave secondary with 10 GCSE passes A* to C.

David is a now a Qualified Teacher of Science with over 11 years teaching experience.  His philosophy is that your child can succeed!  Your child deserves a chance…  No what their story, whether it’s behaviour challenges at school, lack of concentration, underachievement, no matter the challenge, we can work with you and your child to unlock their potential to become confidence happy & confidence learners, meet and exceed school targets and pursue a career aligned to your child’s gifts and talents.

Who Are We?

We are a Birmingham based company, near Winson Green, who specialise in supporting and motivating your child to succeed.

We have developed a tried and tested system out of challenges experienced during his formative education to work potential in your child. 

Our team at Potential Unlocked Tuition are committed to you and your child to see your child flourish reaching their full learning potential fulfilling their own purpose.

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