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Your Child Is Our Top Priority

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Our team help to inspire your children every day

At Potential Unlocked Tuition, your child is our top priority!  Your child is placed at the centre of their tuition.  We empower your child to unlock their potential to become confident in their core skills in English, Maths and Science – Science is only accessible to Secondary children.

We offer tuition in two phases: Primary Tuition and Secondary Tuition.

Standard Primary Tuition

Primary Tuition is delivered to children between 5 to 11-year-old in small groups of 1:3 – one teacher to three children.  We empower your child to develop their core skills in English and Maths, to break free of their glass ceiling!  If your child is in Top Sets, we support your child to maintain their ‘Top Set Status’.


Secondary Tuition

Secondary Tuition is delivered to children between 11 to 16-year olds in small groups of 1:4 – one teacher to four children.  We support your child to build on the skills acquired in Primary to develop more advanced skills in English, Maths & Science readiness to their GCSEs.